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Integrɑ Education & Trɑining offers tailored educational solutions for individuals and organizations. Our experienced professionals provide practical advice, effective training, and ongoing support to help you achieve your learning goals. From enhancing your skills and knowledge to achieving your organizational objectives, we are passionate about delivering the highest standards of quality and innovation. Let us be your partner in education.





Passionate teacher seeking entrepreneurial opportunity? Seize the chance to transform your love for teaching into a thriving business. As agency owner, enjoy autonomy to set hours and create a fulfilling venture.
The Neuro Integra Study Method leads the way with seven (7) pioneering scientific steps at the forefront of brain research. It presents learners with a groundbreaking opportunity to master the art of learning, paving the path for unprecedented success.
Integra Learning Centers focus solely on enhancing each learner's strengths and talents. Beyond remedying educational challenges, they strive to enrich and amplify each child's unique gifts, fostering holistic growth and development.

Why Integra Education & Training?

The multisensory integrated metacognitive reading approach engages different senses, like visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, to improve reading. It encourages students to analyze their own thinking and understand how they learn, leading to better comprehension and retention of information.

When working with children, we adapt to their developmental stage and skillset to establish a connection, give personalized attention to help them overcome obstacles and flourish. By doing so, you can help children reach their full potential and feel empowered and valued.

We personalize support for students struggling with reading, spelling, and math. Our research-backed approach uses adaptive learning and specialized materials catered to each student. Engaging and interactive resources help enhance understanding and retention, benefiting students, parents, and teachers.

Smaller groups benefit children, especially those with ADHD and ADD, by improving their connections and interactions, providing more opportunities to participate in activities and build a sense of community. Large settings can be overwhelming and make building relationships with peers difficult. In small groups, children can better engage with their environment and receive personalized support. This improves communication, socialization, and teamwork for all children, including those with ADHD or ADD.

To support a child’s healthy development, as helpful assistants, we can encourage open communication and understanding in parent-child relationships. We acknowledge parenting can be tough and offer assistance. By actively listening and providing helpful advice to parents, we can foster trust and build a stronger relationship for the whole family’s better future.

We use the latest research by neuroscientists to design our study methods, believing that everyone can succeed. Our tailored programs focus on enhancing memory, improving concentration, and increasing information retention for optimal learning outcomes. Active learning is emphasized, with practical tools and techniques provided for knowledge retention and application. Our cutting-edge methods help individuals overcome learning barriers to achieve academic and professional goals.

Passionate teachers have skills and knowledge that can help them start a business, such as leadership, organization, and communication. They can offer services like tutoring, curriculum development, and consulting, leveraging online platforms like Udemy and Coursera. A strong social media presence can build a brand around their expertise in certain subjects or teaching methods. With the right resources, teachers can become successful entrepreneurs and make a meaningful impact.

We offer training and motivation programs for educators to improve teaching skills and create a positive work culture. Our programs cover a wide range of topics, empowering educators to become more effective teachers. We provide opportunities for professional growth and development, recognition for hard work, and aim to support education departments in achieving their goals for quality education.

Successful clients prioritize goals, build strong relationships, set clear expectations, communicate effectively, remain adaptable, take calculated risks, and continuously learn to drive innovation.

Some of our most successful clients includes...

Many teachers and learners from Private and Government schools already went through training, applying what they have learned with great success.
Integra Education Client Zone - Basic Education
Basic Education
Teachers & Officials
Officials and journalists from the Citizen Newspaper went through the learning process. They gained a better understanding of the colleagues and their gifts .
The Citizen
Officials & Journalists
Staff from Engen Head Office, Johannesburg were trained in he learning process with very good results.
Head Office
After the Neuro Integra Study Method Training, the Multi-Disciplinary Team from the Bosasa Youth Development Centres had a much better understanding of learning how to learn.
Bosasa Group
Girls and Boys Town are using the Integra Yread programme for their learners in the afternoons after school to assist in reading and math. It is such a great tool for us to use for our children.


I have worked with the programme and saw great results in my class. One girl that never wanted to read. started reading and all she wants to do is the YEAD Reading Programme. I saw a change in the reading levels of all the learners in my class. It is a wonderful teaching aid for me as a teacher.
Christine Lubbe
Teacher, Town School
I have worked with the programme and saw great results in my class. One girl that never wanted to read started reading and all she wants to do is the YEAD Reading programme. I saw a change in the reading levels of all the learners in my class. It is a wonderful teaching aid for me as a teacher.
Elmarie Bosman
Teacher, West Rand School
My daughter, attended the Integra Learning Centre in Krugersdorp. When she started, she could not read. She has improved to such an extent that all her marks were in the eighties at the end of last year. This year she receives tuition in English as well as Mathematics and she is already way ahead of her peers.
Leon Kemp
Father, Alma Mater International School