Meet Dr. Mɑude vɑn Heerden

Dr Maude van Heerden (Dipl. TOD BA MBD, Docrorate in Education) is the National Director of Integra Education & Training (PTY) Ltd. Maude has 30 years’ experience in Remedial teaching.


She was a finalist in the 2003 National Teachers Awards and was also nominated for business Woman of the year in the category Education and Training. Maude lectures nationally on the brain and learning processes in academic and corporate environments. She has already trained 150 educators in Kwa-Zulu Natal in Neuro Integra Study Method with outstanding results. Maude has 12 Integra Education and Training Agencies in South Africa. Her passion is to help learners see themselves as uniquely gifted individuals. She has recently developed YREAD, a reading program to be implemented nationally and internationally in schools to help learners and train educators in reading with understanding.

  • Maude is knowledgeable in remedial education, reading skills and reading techniques.
  • She trains educators in assessment and reading techniques.
  • She has developed reading programmes to help learners attain a much higher level of reading with understanding.
  • She has developed mathematical programmes from grade 1 to grade 7 with the basics in mind.


  • Teacher for 25 years in remedial teaching in the primary school   (grade 1 to grade 7)
  • Head of department for 5 years.
  • Owner of a franchise business from 2005.
  • Has been contracted by the Gauteng Department of Education to train teachers in reading skills, techniques and assessment.
  • Has developed new reading material for schools to use very effectively with excellent results.
  • Has developed mathematical programmes for primary school to benefit the teachers and the learners.
  • Her passion is to empower teachers to help learners tap into their potential and to help and assist them with their academic inputs.



I always had one big passion – and that was teaching. Children constantly meant a lot to me and since I was young and I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. Hope is one thing that is so necessary in today’s society of violence and negativity. Half of the battle is won if a child can believe in himself again. David Ambrose so rightly stated: “If you have the will to win, you have achieved half your success; if you don’t, you have achieved half your failure. With God, everything is possible.I had this vision of starting Integra Learning Centre Agencies and equipping teachers with the knowledge, skills and materials to help them make a successful business in the teaching profession, but with their own learning Centres Agencies.

David never thought that he would be the king over the Israelites when he was tending the sheep; he was just doing what God sat before him – John Fisher. Well, I just did my passion and God did the rest! There are a couple of very successful Integra Learning Centres
today still within the Education Mountain.

I still have my own Integra Learning Centre and I enjoy every single moment of it.
All I can say is that making a difference in the lives of people and uplifting them is my thing!

All About

Integra Education & Training

Our Mission
  • Our mission is for each learner to cope successfully in a diverse world with lots of demands.
  • We strive towards a safe environment where learners can achieve success in reading and mathematics.
  • We also strive to give each learner the maximum opportunity to develop in totality by enhancing their self-concept and by gaining confidence to venture to fulfill their dreams.
Our vision
  • We strive for each learner to reach a high standard of reading with understanding.
  • We want to uplift each learner by focusing on their unique gifts and strengths.
  • We strive for each learner to have a positive outlook towards learning and life and to counter any negativity towards learning with coping .
Integra Agencies
  • A unique business opportunity for teachers with a passion for teaching.
  • Start your own Agency with a substantial income every month.
  • No extra-mural activities, no preparation, working hours in the afternoons only – 5 days per week. Get paid for every assessment.
  • No paper war – get back to your passion – teaching! Only small groups from between 4 – 6 learners from the comfort of your own home.
Neuro Integra Study Method
  • The Neuro Integra Study Method has 7 very important scientific steps.
  • Each step is designed to take advantage of a particular brain process – all collectively moving toward the goal of learning.
  • Each of the five steps plays a vital role in the building of memory which is all the learning process ultimately is.
  • Research shows that true mastery of new information and skills is based on strengthening the connections between the nerve cells in the brain as well as ensuring that the branches (or dendrites) that actually store the   information are firmly attached.
  • The “easy-come, easy-go” rote learning and cramming for exams are quickly forgotten.
  • Parents can attend the training with their children as to be informed about their child’s gifts and way of learning and to learn their child and themselves better. Also suitable for Corporates (one or two day training).
South Africa
  • The main goal for the YREAD Reading Strategy is to improve the reading competence of learners because READING is part of nation building.
  • Surveys done showed shockingly low levels of reading ability across this nation. Large numbers of our children simply do not read.

Therefore a proposal for literacy and numeracy development should reawaken reading culture with  the mission of transforming the youth.