Meet the beautiful People that own & manage there own Integra Centre in South Africa

We Endorse them as they have the passion to make a difference in your childs life by inspiration & education

Maude Kemp
Maude Kemp Krugerdorp 278 Voortekkerweg Noordheuwel
She is very successful with her Integra Learning Centre and currently has 62 learners in her Centre. She operates her Centre from Mondays to Thursdays. Last year all 8 Grade two’s received sevens on their report cards at school for all their subjects. There was a definite improvement in almost all the marks of the learners attending her Learning Centre. She does not advertise as word of mouth is at the order of the day. Parents flock to her Learning Centre for help.
Esther Lane
Esther LaneRoodepoort Two Rivers estates, Ruimsig
Esther Lane operates her learning Centre on a slightly different base. In the mornings Ester is a remedial therapist at certain schools in Roodepoort. She uses the school premises but operates her Learning Centre on a private basis where the parents pay privately for the classes. She is responsible to gather in the fees from the parents. She operates during school hours.In the afternoons Esther operates her ntegra Learning Centre from home. Esther has a passion for learners and she is very successful with her business.
Kotie du Plessis
Kotie du PlessisRandburg Lamberti Straat 8 Randpark
A school contacted Kotie last year because she is so highly recommended and she assessed all the learners in the school. The principal of the school supports Kotie in all her remedial work. Kotie has her Integra Learning Centre in Randburg near Cresta and she operates her Learning Centre from home. Kotie is in very great demand and she has a lot of learners attending her Centre. She loves what she does and has one success story after another.
Ronel van der Merwe
Ronel van der MerwePretoria North Berglaan 773 Florauna
Ronel van der Merwe operates her Learning Centre in Florauna in Pretoria North from home. Ronel has expanded her business by using Fransie for the reading section. Fransie does an excellent job of remedial education at the Integra Learning Centre where she operates Ronel’s Centre from the comfort of her home. Ronel only takes learners for mathematics. She has great success stories to tell, too many to mention. Once the parents discovers this gem at the foot of the mountains, they do not let go.
Erica van Aurich
Erica van AurichPretoria-East 743 Balesweg, Morelettapark
Erica has been blessed with another baby girl! Congratulations Erica! Erica also operates a Home School Centre in the mornings and is in such big demand. She will start her Integra Learning Centre again soon. Erica, we look forward to you starting your Integra Centre again as there is such a great demand for your service. The parents can’t wait, to enrol their children with you once they have learned to know you and your excellence.
Veronica van Kloeg
Veronica van KloegPretoria-East Furrow Road Equestria
Veronica is a remedial therapist with a passion for education. She is highly qualified and does an excellent job with the learners. Veronica is in high demand and parents must contact her in order to reserve a space for their children. Veronica operates from her mother in laws home as she has ample space to run the Learning Centre.
Estelle Roelofse
Estelle RoelofsePretoria-Oos Alcade Road, Lynwood Glen
Estelle has her Learning Centre in the east of Pretoria. She loves to work with children and she is a very good teacher. Estelle has a lot of experience in the different fields of education. When Estelle does something, she does it well and are sure to get good results. Her passion is also to work with children and to see that the standard of their work improve.
Elmarie Pieters
Elmarie PietersBenoni Laerskool Northmead, Benoni
Elmarie Pieters operates her learning Centre from a schools’ premises. She has expanded threefold and she has appointed two other teachers to help her cope in her Integra Learning Centre in the afternoons after school. Elmarie is highly successful and does an excellent job of helping learners. She motivates the learners positively and the parents love her. She is dedicated and comes highly recommended. Parents spread the word about Elmarie like wild fire. She was almost already full at the beginning of the year.
Rene Muller
Rene MullerVereeniging Totius Straat 17, Duncanville
René has expanded her Integra learning Centre to such a degree that she had to buy another house to live in. Her previous house became her Learning Centre. René is an excellent teacher and business person. She has so many learners in her learning Centre that she had to employ another teacher to help her, as well as other staff. She comes highly recommended by a couple of principals in Vereeniging. René also studied further and obtained an Hons – degree inclusive education.
Annalise du Preez
Annalise du PreezMiddelburg (Transvaal)
Annalise operates her Integra Learning Centre in Middelburg. She has a vast knowledge of education and is highly skilled. She is very successful with her Integra learning Centre and operates the only Integra Learning Centre in Middelburg. Annalise can work with younger learners and older learners as she has a lot of experience with all age groups. Don’t hesitate to contact Annalise for your child – they will be in the best hands.
Angeline Kruger
Angeline KrugerKnysna
Angelinge has her Learning Centre in a lovely Guest House in Knysna. It is decorated beautifully and has a peaceful and tranquil setting. Angeline is still teaching during the mornings and operates her Integra Learning Centre in the afternoons. She has just started her Learning Centre a couple of months ago and it will start to fill up very quickly. Angeline is an excellent teacher with a passion for children. She also plans to expand her Learning Centre to George, Sedgefield and Plettenberg Bay.
Hannelie Willemse
Hannelie WillemseUppington
Hannelie Willemse has her Integra Learning Centre in Uppington. She was contracted by the Department of Education to do proposals for Remedial Education in that District. Hannelie has a vast knowledge of remedial education and makes a difference in the lives of the learners that she touches. She does excellent work and she has a passion for education and helping learners achieve and to assist them to be the very best that they can be.
Ina Olivier
Ina OlivierEdenvale, Germiston Cranestraat 7, Atlasville
Ina took the plunge and decided to study further and to acquire another degree. Her Intega Learning Centre is at Leeuwenhof Akademie Cydonia Road Germiston. Ina operates her Integra Learning Centre during school hours and learners are referred to her for reading in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics. She liaises with the occupational therapist based at the school and the teachers and together they form a formidable team. Ina has many success stories to tell about the progress of her learners. Ina is an excellent remedial teacher.
Florence Ngoaketsi
Florence NgoaketsiSandile Primary School, Kagiso, Krugersdorp.
Florence has a B.ED Degree and lots of experience with learners that requires Remedial Teaching. She has a vast knowledge of remedial teaching and she used to work at the Gauteng Department of Education Randfontein District Office. Florence has conducted a lot of remedial workshops. She has her Integra Learning Centre at Sandile Primary school where she helps a lot of children that requires extra attention in reading and mathematics.
SebenzileKwa-Zulu Natal : Durban.
Sebenzile has an Integra Centre in Durban, where she looks after 40 orphans in order to feed and educate them. She acquired an Integra Learning Centre in order to push up the grades of the orphans in her care. She also caters for other learners in this area who requires remedial teaching in reading and spelling as well as in mathematics.
Norman Mhlahla
Norman MhlahlaMochocho Primary School Polokwane: Moletjia
Norman is starting his Integra Learning Centre At Mochocho Primary School in April 2014. Parents are already enquiring about the Learning Centre as there is a great need for the learners in this area to have a Learning Centre. Norman is a very talented teacher with lots of experience. He taught at a private school up to matric. Norman is passionate about teaching and very determined to make his Integra Learning Centre very successful.
MozambiqueMozambique Private School Vilancoulos
The Private Primary School in Vilancoulos, Mozambique acquired an Integra Programme for the learners of the school. Training was given at the school to the Grade 4 teacher. There is always a need for extra input concerning reading to upgrade the learners. The learners of this school can now be assessed to see at what reading level each learner is. The school is situated in a tranquil setting close to the beautiful beach. The classes are small and learners receive individual attention.
Pastor Johan Esterhuizen
Pastor Johan EsterhuizenSummerset West, Cape Town
Pastor Johan Esterhuizen moved from Johannesburg to Summerset West. He states that there is such a need for the learners in the Western Cape to get uplifted in education and the Integra Learning Centre will be a great tool to be used in a tremendous way. Those children can be reached and mentored through the Integra Learning Centre. The Learning Centre will be opening during the course of the and details of the location and launch will be given as soon as it is available.

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