Neuro Integra Study method

LEARN HOW TO LEARN,  Training And Equipping For A Better Future


Application Options:
The course modules are as follows:
⦁ How the brain works according to the latest research and in relation to learning.
⦁ The concept of the 7 Intelligences and types of thinking in learning.
⦁ To teach learners how to take responsibility for their own learning.
⦁ How to use the 7 scientific steps and a workshop as application.

1. Overview
2. Planning
3. Reading
4. Comprehension
5. Summarising
6. Control
7. Exam preparation
⦁ Understand how to apply metacognition in the learning environment.

⦁ Understand the latest research on the brain, scientifically proven to grow dendrites and to get information in the long term memory.
⦁ Understand the 7 steps of the Metacognitive Learning Process and to develop the brain’s wonderful capacity and ability to exercise those neuronal connections and to get the nerve cells building and communicating fast and effectively.
⦁ Practically apply the 7 steps of the Metacognitive Learning Approach
⦁ To understand who you are by discussing the 7 Intelligence profiles by Prof Howard Gardner.

To be discussed.

As reference we make mention that we are a service provider to the Gauteng and Mpumalanga Departments of Education providing many training workshops for teachers, pupils and management. We have also trained all the teachers in Christian Harvest School in Glenvista. We have trained 150 teachers in Kwa-Zulu Natal with excellent feedback from educators that have a 100% pass rate of their learners after implementing the tools and skills that they have learned. In Mpumalanga 62 leadership educational officials went through the training with great success and feedback.  Many learners went through the course with excellent results.
We are also a service provider to Bosasa, Engen and the Citizen Newspaper.

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