Welcome to our OURANOS Learning Centre with Praxis Online Schools

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The future of borderless learning

🅴ducation has changed tremendously over the past year. Our online
school offers your child the opportunity to attend 21 st century skills in a
virtual classroom with live virtual lessons provided by the very best

🅸t is interactive and modern. We follow a structured time table and
attendance and progress are monitored regularly. To enhance maths
we have MindSpark a personalised and interactive computer based
AI math programme.

🅴ach student has a teacher and facilitator to improve their blended
learning experience. We provide academic excellence.
Your child will have emotional, psychological and social support to
help them cope, not only with schoolwork and learning, but also with

Teacher and Facilitator

🅴ach student is assigned to a subject specific teacher and
facilitator. The teacher is responsible for creating lesson plans that
direct the course of study students follow. Clear and concise
objectives delineate what the student learns on any given day. The
teacher is responsible for measuring how much information the
student learns. 

🆃he Teacher-Facilitator provides an educational atmosphere where
students have the opportunity to fulfil their potential for intellectual,
emotional, physical and psychological growth; evaluates the needs
and abilities of students and determines methods and techniques
to best present and provide instruction and learning objectives.
They monitor and implement strategies of High Impact Teaching as
well as promoting personalised learning outcomes.
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Enhanced Curriculum

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🆂tudents can choose one of our fun software courses as an option
to enhance their résumé.  

🆃hese courses are advance tertiary level software courses and
gives a student the opportunity to kick-start their career and skill
level.  The President’s Award programme is offered to students
from 14 years old, this non-formal education focuses on developing
the wider life skills which help young people ensure they are ready
for the world. When paired with formal education, it provides a
fantastic foundation for a young person to thrive and succeed in
their future professional and personal growth.

To further support 21st Century skills we offer Tertiary Courses as part of our enhancement programmes to our students:

Our partner courses are facilitated by Open Window:

  • Software Training: Adobe Bootcamp
  • Software Training: Premier Pro
  • Software Training: Blender Basic
  • * Software Training: Solidworks

All courses offered are only available to EHS and Praxis students.

* These courses are subject to availability

Personalised Adaptive Learning Using Artificial Intelligence.

・Enhance your learning in Mathematics using Mind Spark programme・

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University Guidance and Subject/Course Advice

🆄niversity Guidance sessions are arranged with students and
parents to ensure successful applications to their chosen degree
🅾ur subject/course advice is given in plan of their
future career and recommendations are implemented from
Management to ensure options for future tertiary study.
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Parent feedback and Learning
・Management System・

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  • Get automated alerts and reminders for homework and
    assignments due.
  • Get automated alerts of classes missed.
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher through the LMS integrated
    conference systems.
  • See your child’s grades and feedback for each piece of formative
  • Observe your child’s progress in real-time.
  • Experience a sense of accomplishment with completion tracking.
  • Consolidate and contextualise learning activity – keep learning
    activities together.
  • Integrated High Impact Teaching Strategies are implemented in the
    LMS to achieve diagnosis of learning needs, identify, unpack,
    discuss and model the strategies, and collectively review them as
    part of observation round.

Full-Time Package

Become a part of the distinguished Praxis Online community of academic students at the OURANOS Learning Centre…..


Grade 4 to 7 will follow the British International Curriculum. Grade 7 can choose between the IEB curriculum and the British International Curriculum that will commence until Grade 12.


  • All lessons are live with a structured timetable, from 8:00 am –
  • Full interaction with subject teachers and facilitators
  • Afternoon revision lessons uploaded and available
  • A maximum of fifteen students per class
  • University guidance sessions with students and parents in
    preparation for students’ careers
  • Termly academic records are issued to each student
  • Access Points at any nearby campus, with access to WIFI,
    supervision and fun student facilities
  • Scheduled tasks, formal assessments, school-based
    assessments, and practical assessment tasks

GRADE 8-12

  • Access to and utilisation of the Mindspark programme
  • Enrol for our Enhanced Curriculum in partnership with Open
    Window (enquire for price of courses)
  • Enrol for the President’s Award. – This is an internationally
    recognised programme which exists to equip persons between
    the ages of 14-24 to succeed in life and work. This award also
    counts towards tour résumé as well as points for admission to
    tertiary institutions. Our enrolled students may enquire with any
    of the admissions staff for further details and pricing.
  • All required education software licences.
  • Microsoft office 365, which includes MS Word, PowerPoint,
    Excel, Teams and Outlook


Praxis is proudly registered with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), which is accredited by Umalusi, and known for its high educational standards and outstanding commitment to quality assessment. We employ qualified and experienced teachers who are registered with the South African Council of Educators (SACE). These aspects enable learners to be assured of quality assessment in accordance with policy.

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