I drove my son, Dean to Pretoria each week to attend a remedial class in reading. Then I heard about the Integra Learning Centre in Krugersdorp. I took my son there and I was so pleasantly surprised at the progress of Dean in reading. Not only could I experience a difference in my child’s reading abilities, but the teacher also commend on that and the results were rejected in his report every term. I , as a parent, am so thankful for that which my child receives every week and will continue with the classes for many years to come.
My daughter Yanique receives extra aid in mathematics. She attended the Integra Learning Centre since lastyear and I cannot even begin to tell about the excellent progress that she has made. She is enjoying the maths classes and is not scared to venture in class at school. She is excited about maths and =nds it easy and has gained such self-confidence! She does her homework every week regularly and she is a hard worker. I have a different child now, one that is happy, smiling and enjoying school for the first time.
Jolandie Viljoen
My daughter, Khwan, attended the Integra Learning Centre in Krugersdorp last year in her Grade 1 year. When my child started at the Centre, she could not read. She has improved to such an extent that all her marks were in the eighties at the end of last year. She even received a certificate of progress. This year she receives tuition in English as well as Mathematics and she is already way ahead of her peers. I cannot be thankful enough for that which was built into my child at the Integra Learning Centre.
Leon Kemp
My Integra sentrum is in Vereeniging geleë. Ek het ‘n Integra remediërende Leersentrum Agentskap gekoop in April 2005 en het elke maand gegroei. In Mei 2005 het ek met 5 leerders begin en tans het ek 76 leerders in my sentrum. Dit is regtig hemel op aarde. Ek werk slegs met 4 leerders per uur en dit is baie stimulerend. Ek evalueer die leerder en na elke 6 maande her-evalueer ek die leerder. Die vordering is ongelooflik en die ouers blom. Die programme wat ek ontvang vanaf Integra is fantasties en die leerder se probleem word op elke gebied aangespreek. Ek het leerders wat binne 6 maande van ‘n druipeling tot ‘n presteerder vorder. Ouers besing die lof van Integra Education & Training. Ek het my Honneurs in inklusiewe onderwys gedoen met spesialisering in remediëring, daarom kan ek met oorgawe sê dat die programme uitstekend is. Ek het nog nie voorheen te doen gekry met sulke programme wat so vinnige vordering toon nie. Ek is baie gelukkig met my sentrum en dit is baie stimulerend. Dit is “wow”om te sien hoe die leerders vorder en hoe hulle selfvertroue die hoogte inskiet.
Rene Mulder
Hons.B.Ed (inkl)
As I visited the schools that are on the YREAD Reading and Mathematical Program, I saw a very positive change in the functioning levels of learners. The educators love to work with the programme, because they get great results. I can recommend it to all the schools and it will be good if all schools will enroll in the programme.
Letitia Golden
Dept. of Education
I have worked with the programme and saw great results in my class. One girl that never wanted to read started reading and all she wants to do is the YEAD Reading programme. I saw a change in the reading levels of all the learners in my class. It is a wonderful teaching aid for me as a teacher. TEACHER: ELMARIE BOSMAN, WEST RAND SCHOOL
Elmarie Bosman
Teacher, West Rand School
My son was classified as learning disabled and it was said by professionals that he will amount to nothing academically. I refused to give in to that hurtful remark and took him for a Neuro Integra Study Method with Dr Maude van Heerden in Krugersdorp a couple of years ago. I am so pleased to say that my son is in a main stream school and at the end of last year he had 85% as an average for all his subjects. There is hope!
Mrs. Scott
My daughter went through the course when she was in Grade 10. I was so pleased when she scored 6 distinctions at the end of matric! She is currently almost finished with her successful studies at university.
My daughter, Odette, went through the SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN® -5 STEP™ Learning Process. She passed Grade 10 with such good marks that the school gave her a bursary and she almost took all the trophies at the annual prize giving of the school at the end of that year. She was one of the top 3 students in the school. Odette is currently a student at University of Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University). She is doing a Pharmaceutical degree and is currently 3rd year.
I failed Marketing as a main subject in the course Tourism Management at the Tshwane University of Technology in my second year. I went through the Neuro Integra Study Method as a last resort. Well, needless to say, I scored a distinction in that subject with the next exam, successfully completing my course. The professor was so pleased with my results that he personally called me into his office to congratulate me on my progress.
I furthered my studies after I obtained my second degree to a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Psychology. I would never have gained the excellent results that I got without doing the Neuro Integra Study Method. Today, I am still so very thankful for this tool that I could utilize to take the nightmare out of my studies and put excitement and pleasure back into achieving. It meant such a lot to me! Thank you!